African Wildlife Line Art & Full Color Illustration

Highly detailed African animals fine art prints made from original pen and ink drawings

illustrations of african wildlife

Accurate drawings of various species of mammals that live on the continent of Africa and the island of Madagascar; in the gallery are rhinos, lion, lemur, wolf, gorilla, leopard, okapi, hyena, zebra, warthog and many other species endemic to Africa. All illustrations are hand drawn and expertly rendered. Most illustrations are available in both line art and full color. High quality prints made on acid-free archival paper are available of all drawings in the gallery. If you do not see the African animal you're looking for please contact the artist to make a suggestion..Custom illustrations of specific animals can be ordered as well. For more information and pricing please call 1 (800) 913-7906 or send an to the artist

The wildlife drawings are also available for stock art illustration.

Aardvark fine art illustration
Aardvark Art Illustration
African Clawless Otter fine art illustration
African Clawless Otter Art Illustration
African Crested Porcupine fine art illustration
African Crested Porcupine Art Illustration
African Elephant fine art illustration
African Elephant Art Illustration
African Lion fine art illustration
African Lion Art Illustration
African Lioness pen and ink illustration
African Lioness Art Illustration
African Lions fine art illustration
African Lion Art Illustration
African Wild Dog fine art illustration
African Wild Dog Art Illustration
Aye-Aye pen and ink illustration
Aye-Aye Art Illustration
Black and White Ruffed Lemur fine art illustration
Black & White Ruffed Lemur Art Illustration
Black Rhinoceros fine art illustration
Black Rhinoceros Art Illustration
Brown Hyena fine art illustration
Brown Hyena Art Illustration
Caracal fine art illustration
Caracal Art Illustration
Cape Buffalo fine art illustration
Cape Buffalo Art Illustration
Cheetah fine art illustration
Cheetah Art Illustration
chimpanzee fine art illustration
Chimpanzee Art Illustration
common eland fine art illustration
Common Eland Art Illustration
common Impala fine art illustration
Common Impala Art Illustration
Desert Hedgehog fine art illustration
Desert Hedgehog Art Illustration
East African Oryx fine art illustration
East African Oryx Art Illustration
Eastern Bongo fine art illustration
Eastern Bongo Art Illustration
Eastern Lowland Gorilla fine art illustration
Eastern Lowland Gorilla Art Illustration
ethiopian wolf fine art illustration
Ethiopian Wolf Art Illustration
Fennec Fox fine art illustration
Fennec Fox Art Illustration
Fossa fine art illustration
Fossa Art Illustration
Gelada Baboon fine art illustration
Gelada Baboon Art Illustration
Gemsbok or Orxy fine art illustration
Gemsbok Art Illustration
grant's zebras fine art illustration
Grant's Zebras Art Illustration
Greater Kudu fine art illustration
Greater Kudu Art Illustration
grevy's zebra fine art illustration
Grevy's Zebra Art Illustration
Hippopotamus fine art illustration
Hippopotamus Art Illustration
Large-Spotted Genet fine art illustration
Large-Spotted Genet Art Illustration
Leopard fine art illustration
Leopard Art Illustration
Lowland Streaked Tenrec fine art illustration
Lowland Streaked Tenrec Art Illustration
mandrill fine art illustration
Mandrill Art Illustration
masai giraffe fine art illustration
Masai Giraffe Art Illustration
meerkat fine art illustration
Meerkat Art Illustration
Fine Art Illustration of a Mongoose Lemur
Mongoose Lemur Art Illustration
mountain gorilla fine art illustration
Mountain Gorilla Art Illustration
mountain zebras fine art illustration
Mountain Zebras Art Illustration
Okapi fine art illustration
Okapi Art Illustration
Nyala fine art illustration
Nyala Art Illustration
Pygmy Hippopotamus fine art illustration
Pygmy Hippopotamus Art Illustration
red ruffed lemur fine art illustration
Red Ruffed Lemur Art Illustration
Reticulated Giraffe fine art illustration
Reticulated Giraffe Art Illustration
Ring-Tailed Lemur fine art illustration
Ring-Tailed Lemur Art Illustration
Scimitar Oryx fine art illustration
Scimitar Oryx Art Illustration
Sifaka Lemur fine art illustration
Sifaka Lemur Art Illustration
Somali Wild Donkeys fine art illustration
Somali Wild Donkey Art Illustration
Southern Aardwolf fine art illustration
Southern Aardwolf Art Illustration
spotted hyena fine art illustration
Spotted Hyena Art Illustration
striped hyena fine art illustration
Striped Hyena Art Illustration
Thompson's Gazelle fine art illustration
Thompson's Gazelle Art Illustration
Warthog fine art illustration
Warthog Art Illustration
Western Lowland gorilla pen and ink illustration
Western Lowland Gorilla Art Illustration
White-Bearded Wildebeest fine art illustration
White-Bearded Wildebeest Art Illustration
White Rhinoceros fine art illustration
White Rhinoceros Art Illustration

Artist's notes:

fine art illustrations of the wildlife of africa

I believe the first large land mammal, probably the very first mammal I drew, was an African Elephant. Since then I've added few dozen more, and shy of my own continent of North America, I've drawn more mammals from Africa than any other. Likely due to the fact that unlike the rest of the world Africa somehow maintained it's population of massive animals, such as the rhino and the giraffe. It also has some of the most beautiful big cats like the leopard, lion and cheetah. At this time I've no plans to add many more animals to this gallery, but that can change as I might start adding the rare sub-species of these animals, like the Eastern Black Rhinoceros, which is almost extinct in the wild. If you have a suggestion, please send me an email letting me know which African animal you'd like to see added to this gallery.

Information about Lemurs:

There are about 1,100 mammal species on the continent of Africa. In the East-African plains, there is an especially large diversity of species. There are more ungulates - or hoofed mammals like the antelope, zebras, wildebeest and gemsbok - in Africa than other continent. There are 64 identified species of primates, including four species of great apes. Of all the continents, Africa was the only one to keep it's large land mammals. Whereas others, like North America, all large mammals died out thousands of years ago. There are many theories on this, usually involving climate change, meteor strikes, predation by humans or a combination of all three. Regardless of the reason, African was able to support the largest land animals on the planet alive today. The tallest land mammal is the giraffe and the largest is the African Elephant. African is also home to the fastest land animal - the cheetah. Many of the mammals in Africa face an uncertain future, due to poaching, habitat loss, climate change and a lack of genetic diversity (which could result in devastating loss of life should a disease be introduced.)

High res digital versions of these images may be purchased and downloaded. The artwork may also be licensed for commercial use such as advertising, packaging, displays and other printed materials. Please review the license agreement.