Mammal Line Art & Full Color Illustration

Highly detailed B&W line art and color mammal fine art prints made from original drawings

illustrations of mammals

These galleries have dozens of illustrations of mammals from around the world; African, Asian, New World (North and South America) and ocean mammals. All illustrations are hand drawn in the classical style and expertly rendered. Quality prints signed by the artist made on acid-free archival paper are available of all drawings in the gallery. If you do not see the mammal you're looking for please contact the artist to make a suggestion..Custom illustrations of specific animals can be ordered as well. For more information and pricing please call 1 (800) 913-7906 or send an email to the artist

The wildlife drawings are also available for stock art illustration.

Artist's notes:

Giant Panda full color and line art illustration

Mammals, in their amazing diversity and similarity in many aspects to humans makes them a compelling and interesting subject to illustrate. Unfortunately, some of the most wonderful species - such as the Siberian Tiger, the Giant Panda, the White Rhinoceros - are also some of the most critically endangered animals on the planet. One of the first publications my illustrations appeared in was a book about the black market, and how animals are exploited all around the world. Thankfully this is not true for many species, and even with the problems facing the planet today, many mammals enjoy stable populations and can coexist and even thrive alongside humans. While I tend to draw animals from my home continent of North America as well as the exotic endangered species, if you'd like to suggest a species of mammal to draw please send me an email

Information about Mammals:

Mammals are animals characterized by being warm-blooded, air breathing animals with a vertebrate or backbone. They also have hair, three middle ear bones and mammary glands the mother uses to feed the young. Along with this, most mammals have sweat glands, and possess specialized teeth. There are thought to be about 5,500 mammals on the planet, depending on how the animals are classified. Mammals evolved slowly over time from four-legged predecessors. Their limbs are used to walk, climb, swim, and fly. Some land mammals have toes that produce claws and hooves for climbing and running - and these are called ungulates. Marine mammals such as whales and dolphins developed from animals that had evolved from the sea and onto land, then gradually evolved back into a marine environment. Generally, mammals are endothermic, which means that their body temperature is self regulated, rather than dependent on the conditions of the surrounding environment. What this means is that their bodies remain at a certain base temperature - generally around 98-100 degrees - regardless of how hot or cold their environments are. The largest mammal on the planet is also the largest animal to ever live on the planet: The Blue Whale. The smallest mammals is believed to be the Bumble-Bee Bat which in only about 1-1.5 inches long.

High res digital versions of these images may be purchased and downloaded. The artwork may also be licensed for commercial use such as advertising, packaging, displays and other printed materials. Please review the license agreement.