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True Foxes of the World Poster Print

There are twelve species the genus Vulpes or "True Foxes." Which means they form a proper clade. They're found in various environments in Africa, North America and Asia. This poster includes fine art illustrations of all living species of true foxes (Vulpes) Species featured: ARCTIC FOX (Vulpes lagopus) BENGAL FOX (Vulpes bengalensis) BLANFORD’S FOX (Vulpes cana) CAPE FOX (Vulpes chama) CORSAC FOX (Vulpes corsac) FENNEC FOX (Vulpes zerda) KIT FOX (Vulpes macrotis) PALE FOX (Vulpes pallida) RED FOX (Vulpes Vulpes) RÜPPELL’S FOX (Vulpes rueppellii) SWIFT FOX (Vulpes velox) TIBETAN SAND FOX (Vulpes ferrilata) FREE SHIPPING IN THE US