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Amphibians & Reptiles of Oregon Poster Print

A colorful collage of scientifically accurate illustration of various species of amphibians and reptiles native to Oregon in North America. The layout features several different types of amphibians and reptiles, including some of the state's most colorful and interesting species. Species included: CASCADE FROG (Rana cascadae) COASTAL GIANT SALAMANDER (Dicamptodon tenebrosus) FOOTHILL YELLOW-LEGGED FROG (Rana boylii) GOPHER SNAKE (Pituophis catenifer) LONG-NOSED LEOPARD LIZARD (Gambelia wislizenii) NORTHERN PACIFIC RATTLESNAKE (Crotalus oreganus) NORTHERN RED-LEGGED FROG (Rana aurora) OREGON ENSATINA (Ensatina eschscholtzii oregonensis) OREGON SPOTTED FROG (Rana pretiosa) PACIFIC TREE FROG (Pseudacris regilla) ROUGH-SKINNED NEWT (Taricha granulosa) SOUTHERN ALLIGATOR LIZARD (Elgaria multicarinata) VALLEY GARTER SNAKE (Thamnophis sirtalis fitchi) WESTERN PAINTED TURTLE (Chrysemys picta belli) WESTERN POND TURTLE (Actinemys marmorata) WESTERN SKINK (Plestiodon skiltonianus) WESTERN TOAD (Anaxyrus boreas) FREE SHIPPING IN THE US