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Mammals of the Outer Banks, NC Poster Print

The Outer Banks - also called the Barrier Islands - off the coast of the U.S. state of North Carolina, separating the Atlantic Ocean from the mainland.  It's home to hundreds of different types of animals, including some species not found anywhere else in the world, such as the critically endangered Red Wolf. The poster print features a fine art illustration of various species of mammals found on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the United States. Species featured: AMERICAN BEAVER • AMERICAN MINK • BIG BROWN BAT • BOBCAT • BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN • COYOTE • EASTERN GREY SQUIRREL • FOX SQUIRREL • GREY FOX • HARBOR PORPOISE • HUMBPACK WHALE • MARSH RABBIT • MEADOW VOLE • MUSKRAT • NORTHERN RACCOON • RED FOX • RIVER OTTER • STRIPED SKUNK • VIRGINIA OPOSSUM • WEST INDIAN MANATEE • WHITE- TAILED DEER FREE SHIPPING IN THE US