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Stock Art Drawing of a Xantus’s Hummingbird

Medium: Pen and ink line art illustration. Color image has been digitally tinted. Suggested usage: books, magazines, brochures and similar. Size: (B&W) 2400 x 1865 pixels @ 300dpi 1.2 mb JPEG File / (Color) 2400 x 1691 pixels @ 300dpi 2 mb JPEG Buy a Signed Print

Xantus’s Hummingbird – Signed Fine Art Print


Information about the Xantus's Hummingbird:

The Xantus's Hummingbird is a medium-sized hummingbird. It is  3.25-3.75 inches long (8-9 cm) and weighs about 3-4 g. It has been recorded as a vagrant up the Pacific coast of North America to British Columbia in Canada. This hummingbird is found in dry, semidesert forests and scrublands at a wide range of elevations, usually not far from water. It avoids the driest areas at low elevation. It will use human-created open woodlands such as orchards and irrigated shrubs. The breeding habitat occurs in various habitats of southern Baja Peninsula of Mexico where it is considered endemic. These birds feed on nectar from flowers and flowering trees using a long extendable tongue or catch insects on the wing. This hummingbird was named after John Xantus de Vesey (Xantus János), a Hungarian zoologist. The poster is printed on matte, museum-quality paper with Giclée printing quality: • Paper thickness: 10.3 mil • Paper weight: 5.6 oz/y² (192 g/m²) • Opacity: 94% Buy a Digital Download