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Eagle Species of the World Poster Print

There are roughly 60 species of eagle, depending on how the different species are classified. The largest by terms of length and wing surface is the Philippine Eagle. The poster print features a fine art illustration of eight different species of eagle, along with a range map showing their distribution and information about each different species. List of species: AMERICAN BALD EAGLE (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) BLACK EAGLE (Ictinaetus malaiensis) GREATER SPOTTED EAGLE (Clanga clanga) HARPY EAGLE (Harpia harpyja) MADAGASCAR FISH EAGLE (Haliaeetus vociferoides) MARTIAL EAGLE (Polemaetus bellicosus) STELLER’S SEA EAGLE (Haliaeetus pelagicus) WHITE-BELLIED SEA EAGLE (Haliaeetus leucogaster) FREE SHIPPING IN THE US