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Shorebirds of the Pacific Coast Poster Print

The sandy beaches, rocky shorelines and craggy inlets of the Pacific Coast in North American is home to several dozens types of shorebirds. They're often seen in searching for food as the ocean waves ebb and flow on the shore. The poster print features fine art illustration of various species of shorebirds native to the Pacific Coast of North America. Species features: AMERICAN AVOCET (Recurvirostra americana) BLACK OYSTERCATCHER (Haematopus bachmani) BLACK-NECKED STILT (Himantopus mexicanus) GREATER YELLOWLEGS (Casuarius casuarius) LONG-BILLED CURLEW (Numenius Americanus) MARBLED GODWIT (Limosa fedoa) SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER (Limnodromus griseus) SURFBIRD (Aphriza virgata) WILLET (Tringa semipalmata) FREE SHIPPING IN THE US