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Bat Species of the World Poster Print

There are over 1,4000 species of bat in the world. They're found on all continents except Antarctica. The poster print features a fine art illustration of eight different species of bat, along with a range map showing their distribution and information about each different species. List of species: COMMON VAMPIRE BAT (Desmodus rotundus) HONDURAN WHITE BAT (Ectophylla alba) LESSER HORSESHOE BAT (Rhinolophus hipposideros) LESSER LONG-EARED BAT (Nyctophilus geoffroyi) MALAYAN FLYING FOX (Pteropus vampyrus) MEXICAN FREE-TAILED BAT (Tadarida brasiliensis) NATAL LONG-FINGERED BAT (Miniopterus natalensis) SPOTTED BAT (Euderma maculatum) FREE SHIPPING IN THE US

Mexican Free-Tailed Bat – Signed Fine Art Print


Information about the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat:

The Mexican Free-Tailed Bat - also called the Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat - is a medium sized flying mammal native to North and South America. They are one of the most widespread mammals in in the Western Hemisphere, covering vast amount of land in the US, down south through Central America and South America. Their colonies can be massive, holding millions of bats. The largest know colony is in Bracken Cave near San Antonio, that is estimated to have some 20 million individuals. Tadarida brasiliensis is perhaps best know for their nightly departures from the Congress Street Bridge in Austin, Texas. This colony is believed to have 1.5 million bats, making it the largest urban bat colony in North America. Like other bats, the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat feeds on small insects they catch while in flight. The bat is the official flying mammal of both Texas and Oklahoma. The poster is printed on matte, museum-quality paper with Giclée printing quality: • Paper thickness: 10.3 mil • Paper weight: 5.6 oz/y² (192 g/m²) • Opacity: 94% Buy a Digital Download