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Crowned Lemur – Signed Fine Art Print


Information about the Crowned Lemur:

The Crowned Lemur is native to the dry deciduous forests of the northern tip of Madagascar. it generally grown to about 12-15 inches (31-35 cm) long (not including the tail) weighing about 4.4 pounds (2kg) Its tail is about 16-20 inches (42–51 cm) long. This prosimian feeds on of mostly flowers, fruits, and leaves. The population is estimated to 1000-10,000 individuals as of 2004, most of which live within the Ankarana Plateau. Crowned lemurs have a life span of approximately 20 years and reach sexual maturity after 20 months. They give birth usually in late September or early October, after a gestation period of 125 days. The tail of the Crowned Lemur is a long and non-prehensile used for balance when jumping from branch to branch and for communication within the closely knit, female-led social group. They can be found at altitudes between sea level and 1,400 m. Crowned lemurs often share habitat with the Sanford Brown Lemur. Sanford brown lemurs are distinguishable by color as they are more gray and brown with no v-shaped crown on their forehead. They are considered "vulnerable" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) The poster is printed on matte, museum-quality paper with Giclée printing quality: • Paper thickness: 10.3 mil • Paper weight: 5.6 oz/y² (192 g/m²) • Opacity: 94% Buy a Digital Download

Stock Art Drawing of a Crowned Lemur

Medium: Pen and ink line art illustration. Color image has been digitally tinted. Suggested usage: books, magazines, brochures and similar. Size: (B&W) 1674 x 2400 pixels @ 300dpi 1.47 mb JPEG File / (Color) 1623 x 2400 pixels @ 300dpi 2.07 mb JPEG Buy a Signed Print