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Gentoo Penguin – Signed Fine Art Print


Information about the Gentoo Penguin:

Gentoo penguins are members of the Spheniscidae family. They are large penguins (only the Emperor and King are larger) with a weight of about 19 pounds (8.5 kg) growing to about 20-36 inches tall (51-90 cm) They are the fastest swimmers of the penguins, reaching the impressive speed of about 22 MPH (36 kph) The origin of the name is unclear. Like other penguins, Gentoos feed mostly on crustaceans, such as krill although they will also eat fish. They live in and around islands in the Antarctic region, but their main colony is in the Falkland Islands, where there are about 300,000 breeding pairs. The nests are made on rocky shores. In building a nest Gentoos pile stones, grass and sticks into a circle where the eggs will then be laid. These birds ca be quite aggressive and occasionally fights will break out over stones or other building material, which they will steal from one another. The poster is printed on matte, museum-quality paper with Giclée printing quality: • Paper thickness: 10.3 mil • Paper weight: 5.6 oz/y² (192 g/m²) • Opacity: 94% Buy a Digital Download

Penguins of the World Poster Print

There are seventeen species of penguin in the world today. All penguins live - except for the Galapagos Penguin - south of the equator in the Southern Hemisphere. The largest is the Emperor Penguin and the smallest is the Little Penguin. ADÈLIE PENGUIN (Pygoscelis adeliae) AFRICAN PENGUIN (Spheniscus demersus) CHINSTRAP PENGUIN (Pygoscelis antarcticus) EMPEROR PENGUIN (Aptenodytes forsteri) ERECT- CRESTED PENGUIN (Eudyptes sclateri) FIORDLAND PENGUIN (Eudyptes pachyrhynchus) GALAPAGOS PENGUIN (Spheniscus mendiculus) GENTOO PENGUIN (Pygoscelis papua) HUMBOLDT PENGUIN (Spheniscus humboldti) KING PENGUIN (Aptenodytes patagonicus) LITTLE PENGUIN (Eudyptula minor) MACARONI PENGUIN (Eudyptes chrysolophus) MAGELLANIC PENGUIN (Spheniscus magellanicus) ROCKHOPPER PENGUIN (Eudyptes chrysocome) ROYAL PENGUIN (Eudyptes schlegeli) SNARES PENGUIN (Eudyptes robustus) YELLOW-EYED PENGUIN (Megadyptes antipodes) FREE SHIPPING IN THE US

Stock Art Drawing of a Gentoo Penguin

Medium: Pen and ink line art illustration. Color image has been digitally tinted. Suggested usage: books, magazines, brochures and similar. Size: (B&W) 1404 x 2400 pixels @ 300dpi 1.31 mb JPEG File / (Color) 1388 x 2400 pixels @ 300dpi 1.78 mb JPEG Buy a Signed Print