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Chameleons of the World – Men’s classic tee

A colorful collage of scientifically accurate illustration of various species of chameleon. The layout features thirteen different types of chameleon, including some of the world’s most vulnerable species printed on a high-quality 100% men's cotton t-shirt.. Species included: CAMROON SAILFIN CHAMELEON (Trioceros montium) CARPET CHAMELEON (Furcifer lateralis) FLAP-NECKED CHAMELEON (Chamaeleo dilepis) FOUR-HORNED CHAMELEON (Trioceros quadricornis) JACKSON’S CHAMELEON Chamaeloeo jacksonii) LABORD’S CHAMELEON (Furcifer labordi) MALAGASY GIANT CHAMELEON (Furcifer oustaleti) MATSCHIE’S CHAMELEON (Kinyongia matschiei) MELLER’S CHAMELEON (Trioceros melleri) NICOSIA’S CHAMELEON (Furcifer nicosiai) PANTHER CHAMELEON (Furcifer pardalis) PARSON’S CHAMELEON (Calumma parsonii) VEILED CHAMELEON (Chamaeleo calyptratus)

Stock Art Drawing of a Meller’s Chameleon

Medium: Pen and ink line art illustration. Color image has been digitally tinted. Suggested usage: books, magazines, brochures and similar. Size: (B&W) 2400 x 1789 pixels @ 300dpi 1.91 mb JPEG File / (Color) 2400 x 1813 pixels @ 300dpi 2.69 mb JPEG Buy a Signed Print