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Wild Cats of Africa – Men’s classic tee

There are ten species of wild cat native to the continent of Africa. They’re found in a variety of environments including dense forests, arid savanna and grasslands. Several of the species are highly endangered, notably the lion which has lost 30 to 50 percent of its population in the last two decades alone. The layout features all ten living species of African wild cat printed on a high-quality 100% men’s cotton t-shirt. AFRICAN LEOPARD (Panthera pardus) AFRICAN GOLDEN CAT (Caracal aurata) AFRICAN LION (Panthera leo) AFRICAN WILDCAT (Felis lybica) BLACK-FOOTED CAT (Felis nigripes) CARACAL (Caracal caracal) CHEETAH (Acinonyx jubatus) JUNGLE CAT (Felis chaus) SAND CAT (Felis margarita) SERVAL (Leptailurus serval)